About CIP

Who We Are


  • Little Sprouts is a Chinese Immersion Preschool serving 2-5 years olds. We provide a safe, nurturing environment for your child as we encourage exploration and discovery through our hands-on and project-based curriculum.
  • We are a local St. Louis school composed of teachers and families who care about the education of our children. We believe in global citizenship and building a strong bridge connecting our students with the world. 
  • Mandarin is the fastest growing language in the world and plays a greater role in society every day. By being bilingual citizens, our students will play an integral role in this modern society.

Why Mandarin and Bilingual?


  • Psychology Today referred to a study that showed “students learning Chinese for only six weeks display a more integrated neural network that connects the superior temporal gyrus with the frontal and parietal cortex, and this contrasted with students who have not learned Chinese within the same time period.”  Basically, this means that the brains of students who learn Chinese may have increased cognitive functioning such as memory, problem solving, and sensory connected to the part of the brain responsible for sound processing. This was in comparison to children who did not learn Chinese.

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Our Teaching Philosophy


  • We don’t teach Mandarin, we use Mandarin to teach all subjects.
  • We plan our own immersive curriculum influenced by Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches which have a proven track-record for academic success in a preschool setting.  
  • Children will acquire Mandarin in the manner they acquired English since birth, through play and instruction throughout the day
  • Children have fun as they grow emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually in a multicultural and multiethnic environment. Students also gain cultural competency while taking part in a first-class US educational experience.