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Pre-K Classroom


  • The LSCIP Pre-K program is an experiential, student-centered curriculum aimed at children ages 3-5 and designed to prepare them for Kindergarten. At Little Sprouts, we foster a community of students by allowing them the freedom to express their identities and to ask questions, all the while being guided by our talented teaching staff. Each individual student will learn through hands-on activities, exploring his or her own path through our welcoming environment designed to let them observe, listen, and interact in a variety of ways, all while we encourage their creativity and exploration.
  • Our program is designed to maximize the benefits of language immersion education. 80% of every school day is conducted in Mandarin by our native-speaking staff, and the five-day experience helps students establish routines and social skills. We incorporate many opportunities each day for our students to be creative, such as art and music, as well as cultural activities like our Chinese New Year celebration. Sometimes a student will have a “silent” period before they are able to express themselves in Mandarin, but this stage leads to language proficiency over time.
  • Some adventure mornings at Little Sprouts, our students may enter the classroom and see a tub filled with yellow water (dyed with coffee for safety reasons). As they explore, they’ll find toy sea creatures scattered among garbage. Through the teacher’s guidance, students will use critical thinking to ask and answer questions such as: Why is there trash in the water? How did it get there? How does it affect the animals? What can we do about it? After this period of analysis, they will be motivated to make a difference.
  • We encourage values of kindness and responsibility, along with empathy. It has been shown that empathy increases more rapidly in bilingual students due to bilinguals learning to use social cues to interpret context and intuit the perspective of the person with whom they are interacting. Students will benefit from our encouraging of their natural curiosity and will learn the skills necessary to transition smoothly into their Kindergarten and Elementary education.